Working behind the scenes, here's what Pallab Chatterjee, Cliff Cummings, Stu Sutherland and I (plus a dozen other anonymous EDA users) thought were the best frontend and backend tools at the recent DAC 2006. Enjoy.   - John Cooley
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Front End Tools
Back End Tools
Cadence Precision Router (CPR)
Mentor Graphics
Mentor Calibre nmDRC
Synopsys PrimeYield
Magma DA
Magma Talus
Sierra DA
Sierra Olympus
Extreme DA Vs. Synopsys
Extreme XT Suite vs. PrimeTime-VX
Nangate Library Characterizer
IC Manage
IC Manage Project Manager
Axiom MPsim
BlueSpec BSV
CoWare Virtual Platforms
Veritools Verifyer
HiPer Silicon™ for Analog/Mixed Signal IC Design
Category: Front End: Design Entry, Analog/RF/Mixed Signal;
Back End: Physical Design, Physical Verification, Circuit Simulation

See Tanner EDA’s HiPer Silicon™ in action – a complete IC design suite consisting of tools for schematic capture, circuit simulation, waveform probing, physical layout, foundry-compatible DRC, and verification. Learn how HiPer Silicon can help you increase productivity and speed your design concept to silicon.

Bluespec ESL Synthesis
Category: Front End - ESL/Architectural Design, Design Synthesis

The Bluespec toolset, the only ESL synthesis solution for control logic and complex datapaths, significantly accelerates hardware design and reduces verification costs. Bluespec presents hardware designers an exciting new way to implement a design with correct-by-construction control logic synthesis while retaining full control over the architecture and performance of the design.

ZeBu: The Fastest Verification
Category: Front End - Functional Verification - Emulation, Acceleration, HW/SW CoDesign/ Verification

ZeBu is an advanced hardware-assisted verification platform that combines the best aspects of traditional emulation and rapid prototyping systems into a single, unified environment for both ASIC/SoC debugging and embedded software validation. With the high capacity, easy setup and debugging associated with emulation, and the price/ performance of rapid prototyping, EVE enables both hardware designers and software developers to collaborate on a common design representation.
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