Building a Proximity Detector Using PSoC Designer
This video shows users how easy it is to build, configure and program a proximity-sensing solution using Cypress's PSoC Designer embedded design tool and CapSense™ capacitive touch-sensing technology.
High Speed PCB Design and Analysis
Allegro PCB SI, an integrated design and analysis environment, tackles the problems found in today’s high speed systems.
Active Design™ accelerates design creation and IP leverage with system and databases for RTL analysis.
Flagship JasperGold™ unleashes formal verification on top project challenges spanning the IC development cycle.
Interview with Andrew Yang
Listen to Andrew Yang as he shares his view on what it takes for a company to survive and even grow during an economic downturn.
Interview with Piyush Sancheti
Join us for a discussion on semiconductor IP quality that covers the definition, current issues, existing metrics and tools.
Interview with Mike McNamara
Mike ("Mac") MacNamara discusses high-level synthesis (HLS) and its capabilities.
Interview with Kathryn Kranen
Kathryn Kranen discusses formal verification as a broad spectrum of applications.
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7/28/2010 - Jasper Design
Jasper Presenting "New Technologies In Formal Verification" at SAME 2010 Forum October 7
6/2/2010 - Jasper Design
Jasper Crosses the Design-to-Verification Chasm
5/18/2010 - Jasper Design
See Jasper Formal Verification in Action at DAC June 13-18, Booth 1337
4/20/2010 - Jasper Design
Jasper’s Kathryn Kranen Re-Elected As EDAC Vice Chair
Zazz™ from Zocalo Tech
Zazz enables designers to be key contributors to the Assertion Based Verification process and verification engineers to be more effective.
CoFluent Studio™
Enables electronic system developers to define the right architecture for the right functionality.
Mentor Graphics: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Verification Seminar  
Mentor gathered a team of verification experts whose presentations provide guidance on Testbench Automation, Reuse, and Functional Coverage.
Common Platform alliance members, Chartered, IBM and Samsung, jointly hosted the first-ever Common Platform Technology Forum.
SystemVerilog Training
This 12 session Bluespec SystemVerilog training course is the standard intro that Bluespec provides to their customers.
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