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ASIC Design Services offers a broad range of design services and is a leading distributor for technically complex electronic components and EDA software. ASIC Design Services in conjunction with leading EDA and FPGA vendors offers in-depth, hands-on training courses as well as customer specific training. Highly specialized and focused with more than 15 years experience in ASIC, FPGA, ASSP and PCB layout design.

Doulos is the leader for independent know-how in leading edge methodologies for SoC, FPGA/CPLD and ASIC design. Our in-house expertise supports training and project services in VHDL, Verilog®,SystemCTM, e, SystemVerilog, Handel-C, Perl, Tcl/Tk, PSL and Design Verification. The ideal design know-how partner, Doulos continues to build on its decade strong reputation as the essential choice for over 600 companies in more than 14 countries.

Esperan is a world-wide leaders in independent, methodology-based training for electronic design. Esperan’s approach to training is unique in the electronics industry. Education is our sole mission and this focus and commitment has allowed us to develop a style of business, which gives you the best possible return on your investment with us.

eXsultation, the ASIC and FPGA designers' choice for VHDL, Verilog and HDL related training. They deliver dynamic training services right to your doorstep. With a state of the art Travel Lab, eXsultation transforms your conference room into a high tech R&D laboratory, complete with all the hardware and software you need to take your staff to the next programming level. Using a variety of EDA tools and operating environments, the teaching staff has the expertise to bring your ASIC and FPGA teams up to speed with the ever growing complexity of today's designs.

Fraunhofer IIS offers a broad training and seminar program. Benefit from know-how and experience in IC design, improve your technical competence and acquire hands-on experience with specific tools and design languages. Training courses are scheduled on a regular basis and focus on background information and practical application of SystemC, VHDL and VHDL-AMS. Expert trainers will give you a through insight, either during regular training at Fraunhofer IIS or during personalized training at your site.

HDL Endeavor is a self-paced training program. With the use of multimedia technology, users will interactively complete various lessons in digital circuit design using HDL (hardware description languages). Basics to intermediate techniques for writing HDL code, verification and synthesis

ICON offers training in VLSI and related areas to suit varied audience from students of electronics, to engineering professionals who want to pursue their careers in VLSI and also for corporate professionals. ICON’s design & application engineers along with the faculty shares their rich experience in VLSI with intended audience/students in areas ranging from Hardware Description Languages to design, debug and implement designs.

Mindbrook offers traing through eLearning. eLearning courses are presented using streaming-video commentary, engaging the student as in live training. Courses cover Verilog, VHDL and effective communication. Mindbrook also offers PlanTrakker™, a patented web browser accessed, program tracking and management system. It monitors project tasks, negotiations between receiving and delivering teams, work progress, and accomplishments.

Semiconductor Services is a full-service training organization which provides educational products and services to Integrated Circuit manufacturers and their suppliers. The company focuses on the development and production of training materials that clearly and accurately convey the highly technical information associated with the process of making "chips" in non-technical and easily understood language.

Semizone has the largest library of online courses for the semiconductor industry. Semizone's commitment to educational excellence as well as the depth and breath of its online learning solutions make Semizone the ideal corporate provider of semiconductor education. Semizone continuously adds new content and updates existing courses to keep current with recent developments in the industry. Semizone produces the courses in modular formats using streaming media, advanced internet-enabled learning tools, and web-based interactive forums. The learning solutions enable semiconductor professionals to develop industry-focused knowledge within a collaborative environment, and to apply that knowledge effectively on the job.

SynthWorks provides hands-on, how-to VHDL training with a focus on hardware design and verification. They are hardware designers at heart. They teach VHDL syntax and coding techniques that engineers need to effectively design and verify their next FPGA and/or ASIC. The instructors are VHDL experts who have solved difficult design and test coding problems and can answer your questions in detail. They are vendor independent and teach coding styles that are portable and effective for all EDA tools. They know the current and future direction of VHDL standards because they help write them.

Technically-Speaking Inc., is a premier training organization for VHDL Verilog, Xilinx® & related EDA tools. They offer on-site courses and interactive multimedia training solutions for your desktop.

TM Associates has provided training to technology firms world-wide since 1996. They have delivered over 500 Verilog, VHDL and related classes. Courses are continually kept up-to-date with the latest standards and design techniques.

Willamette HDL has an extensive offering of Verilog, VHDL, SystemC, and SystemVerilog technology training that ranges from language introduction courses to advanced training in modeling for optimal simulation and synthesis results. WHDL has taught over 3,000 students. Publicly scheduled classroom instruction and customized on-site training courses are available. WHDL is a primary design language training partner for Synopsys, CoWare and Summit Design.

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