Automating Prospect Education

Information technology has brought little relief to the difficult task of educating prospects about complex tech offerings. The content on this page shows how Demos on Demand addresses this challenge.


The most powerful delivery method for getting your product demo to your prospects and suspects.

DemoMail™ as an Outlook add-in

This sales tool puts your content into the hands of salespeople for use in their daily efforts with prospects.

DemoMail™ for

This demo tours the ultimate sales tool - DemoMail is now integrated with SFDC as well as Outlook.

Hear From Our Clients

These interviews reveal how we help our clients sell their products and train their users.

Business Objects' use of DemoMail™

Business Objects has equipped their sales staff with DemoMail to automate prospect education.

Borrell Associates

Convert outbound lead generation to inbound demand generation.

Hitachi Software

Demos on Demand solves both sales and training problems for this tech vendor.

Omneon Networks

Shorter sales cycles, reduced travel and lower cost-of-sale are among the results seen by this client.

Sample Sessions

Demos on Demand™ media platforms deliver information with the “human aspect” intact. As these samples show, this format makes even the most in-depth information engaging and easy to consume.

DemoStage™ Player

This platform delivers your ace presenters to viewers, on demand.

Point Player™ Whiteboard Presentation

The engineer’s "chalk talk" is a familiar format for technical audiences.

Point Player™ Executive Overview

The “business advantages” are best explained by a member of your executive team.

Seminar Player™

This platform delivers video and PowerPoint from live events or single presenters.

Viewer Tracking and Distribution Tools


DemoTrack™ provides on demand reporting of viewing activity among users. It shows what was viewed, how long it was viewed—and whether the user came back for a second look.


DemoMail™ is a Web-based distribution tool that "pushes” in-depth demos, whiteboards, and other media sessions to prospects via email. Sessions launch directly from the body of the email and viewings are reported for each recipient.