Si2 OpenAccess Developers Forum
This all-day forum reviews developments in the OpenAccess platform itself, such as the 2.2 Release as well as new certification programs, a roadmap, and new applications and deployment experiences.

Introduction and Keynote
  The introductory presentations provide an overview of the evolution of the OpenAccess API. A history of the standard and its driving needs is presented by the Keynote Speaker, John Darringer of IBM. New membership models and a new branding program is introduced by Si2.

Presented by:
• Steve Schulz, Si2
• John Darringer, IBM Microelectronics
• Bob Carver, Si2

  These presentations focus on the new OpenAccess 2.2 Release as well the future developments in the roadmap. Highlights of the 2.2 Release are presented by Hewlett-Packard, and the chairman of the OpenAccess Coalition reviews the development roadmap.

Presented by:
• Jim Wilmore, Hewlett-Packard
• Scott Peterson, LSI Logic

The User Perspective
  Users from AMD, Freescale and IBM talk about integration of the API into design flows, development of internal tools, and the restructuring of design methodology.

Presented by:
• Mark Johnstone, Freescale Semiconductor
• Scott Peterson, LSI Logic
• Joe Morrell, IBM

  This session reviews the experiences of EDA vendors in developing products based on the OpenAccess API. Tools discussed include translators to and from the new OASIS file formats, analog design tools, and a unique application for MEMS device design.

Presented by:
• Anand Adke, Mentor Graphics
• Mary Ann Maher, MEMScAP
• Craig Harris, CiraNova

New Frontier
  The session looks at extending the OpenAccess model into the manufacturing arena and reviews activities in the academic world as well.

Presented by:
• Philip Chong, Cadence Berkeley Labs
• Mark Lavin, IBM

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