These demos present an in-depth view of various back end design products relative to physical synthesis. Scroll down to view all demos or select a vendor name from either menu.
Apex Design Systems Cadence Manhattan Routing Zenasis Technologies
Compex-RT Demo
Compex-RT is a space propagation tool for improving routability and/or achieve die size reduction. This demo will include Compex-RT's usable space analysis, routability analysis, timing analysis, and space propagation for improved routability and die size reduction.

SoC Encounter Global Physical Synthesis (GPS)
SoC Encounter GPS is a high-capacity RTL-to-GDSII system that enables fast timing closure on complex, multimillion-gate chips by determining early on whether a design will meet its performance, area, and power targets. SoC Encounter GPS combines globally focused RTL synthesis, silicon virtual prototyping, SI-aware routing, and signoff/SI analysis into a single system.

Encounter Front-end Design Flow
Build smaller, faster, lower power, and higher quality designs in less time with the Encounter front-end design flow, which incorporates Encounter RTL Compiler global synthesis, Encounter Test, and Encounter Conformal Equivalence Checker. Using the flow, you'll get high quality of silicon(QoS) in terms of speed, area, and power with wires; greater accuracy for fast yield ramp; and the most comprehensive solution for equivalence checking.

Timing Closure with Physical Window and Optimization Cockpit
Physical Window™/Optimization Cockpit™ (PW/OC) is a timing closure tool package that allow effective and timely closure of the last 100 violating paths of large high performance ASICs. Through the concept of a "timing sensitized layout" the tool suite enables analysis of the timing problems within the physical context. This functionality ranges from visualization of the timing paths in the physical domain to classification of timing problems based on the domain (logical or physical) of origin.

This demo shows how ZenTime eliminates negative slack in cell-based designs and boosts design performance by over 15 percent. You'll also see how ZenTime allows you to close timing in days instead of months while utilizing your existing cell-based flow and high-yield technology.

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