These demos present an in-depth view of various design products relative to embedded systems. Scroll down to view all demos or select a vendor name from either menu.
ARM Celoxica CoFluent Impulse Accelerated Technology Mirabilis Design Obsidian OpenCores Summit
Hardware Platform-Based Design Using ARM PrimeCell Technology
Ben Cade, ARM
This presentation discusses the steps involved in hardware platform creation. Beginning at the product requirements capture phase, identified are key functional components and mapping these to both internal and external IP. The work flow from IP selection through configuration and optimization to final implementation ready delivery is covered and uses a variety of ARM® processors and PrimeCell® IP to demonstrate how to take full advantage of both the methodology and the AMBA® protocol.

Celoxica Software-Compiled System Design: JPEG2000 Case Study
This on-line demo walks through a design example from specification to FPGA implementation showing the Software-Compiled System Design methodology. The demo provides a detailed review of the Celoxica DK Design Suite environment as applied to the development of an image processing system based on a JPEG2000 algorithm.

This in-depth demo shows how CoFluent Studio enables developers to define the right architecture early in their projects. You'll see how to model and simulate the system’s real-time application with time properties in a hardware/software-agnostic way from C/C++ code entry. Next, we'll simulate at high abstraction level the execution of the application and inter-processor communications on different models of hardware platforms to obtain prospective performance figures. Last, you'll see how to generate the C code for the software tasks of the application model on a RTOS.

CoDeveloper provides C to RTL design and compilation for various FPGA platforms including Xilinx and Altera. It enables you to create your own FPGA-based custom platform and to target systems with external processors, including DSPs.

VisualSim™ - System-level Performance Analysis and Architecture Design
VisualSim™ Architect is used for conceptual exploration, performance analysis and architecture design of electronics and embedded systems. The pre-defined, parameterized library blocks and multi-domain simulation kernel enables engineers to design the digital, IC, embedded software, image processing, analog, DSP and control systems. The advantages of using VisualSim Architect are to create large models quickly, execute faster system simulations and standardize communications through visual specifications.

This demo provides an intimate view of our Random Architecture Verification Engine (RAVEN). The demo shows how RAVEN does far more than simply verify the instruction set architecture. Its advanced controls and deep knowledge allows processor validation of multithreading, multiprocessing, parallel instructions, processor synchronization, cache coherency, and more.

The Open RISC embedded processor platform shows both the features and full development platform available from OpenCores. The open source, Open RISC 1200 processor is highlighted along with the complete GNU development tool chain including a running applications and booting Linux.

Summit Visual ESL & Embedded System Co-design Demo
This in-depth demo shows how Visual Elite ESC provides a complete HW/SW verification environment utilizing SystemC, with an integrated ISS that's linked with vendor-specific tools. You'll see how Visual Elite ESC interfaces with ISS at a signal-level or transaction-level for higher performance—while providing fully synchronized, HW and SW debugging and visibility.

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