These demos present an in-depth view of various design products relative to PCB Design. Scroll down to view all demos or select a vendor name from either menu.
Creating Complex HDI Designs
This demo will show Cadence’s Constraint-Driven HDI design flow in Allegro PCB Editor. The Constraint-Driven flow integrates HDI rules with proven constraint-driven flow for electrical constraints. It will also show automation provided to create HDI designs that are correct-by-construction.

Front to Back Constraint-Driven PCB Design Flow
This demo will show how Allegro Constraint Driven PCB design flow allows engineers to embed constraints within their design and enable a constraint driven PCB layout flow to avoid unnecessary physical prototype iterations.

High Speed PCB Design and Analysis
Allegro PCB SI, an integrated design and analysis environment, tackles the problems found in today’s high speed systems. See how to design and verify high speed serial links, high speed memory interfaces, and power delivery networks.

Innovative, Unique FPGA-PCB Co-Design Solution
This demo introduces Cadence's unique solution for FPGA-PCB Co-design to accelerate time to integrate large pin count, complex FPGAs in production ready PCB Design flow. It will show how FPGA designers can quickly generate placement-aware pin assignment of one or more FPGAs on a PCB, achieve better FPGA performance through optimum utilization of FPGA resources.

Implementing RF circuits on PCBs
On today's designs, it is more likely than ever that mixed technologies such as analog, digital, and RF share the same PCB. Dealing with this mixture of technologies and specific RF requirements poses unique challenges for PCB designers and CAD tools. Cadence® Allegro® PCB RF option provides an RF-aware design capabilities including intelligent layout for parametrically creating and editing RF geometries, a flexible shape editor, and data-aware bi-directional IFF interfaces. Through bi-directional interfaces, RF circuits can be simulated and validated for signal quality and performance. The entire set of functionalities is vital to the successful physical design and implementation of RF circuits.

Global Route Environment technology for Cadence® Allegro® PCB design
Discover a new route to advanced PCB design and layout and learn how using intelligent automation can eliminate manual processes while preserving the designer's intent. This demo will highlight the new Global Route Environment technology for Cadence® Allegro® PCB design. The Global Route Environment technology combines a graphical interconnect flow planning architecture and a hierarchically-aware global routing engine to provide PCB designers with an automated, intelligent planning and routing environment. This demo will highlight the new use model paradigm and how it solves ultra-complex PCB interconnect challenges where strategic planning and interconnect routing could previously only be done by manual methods.

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