Altos Design Automation Inc. provides ultra fast characterization technology to address key nanometer challenges such as low power, yield and process variation.
Liberate™ and Variety™: Ultra fast IP Characterization Solutions from Altos Design Automation
Categories: Library development tools, Timing and Power analysis, Circuit simulation

This demo provides an in depth look at Liberate™ and Variety™, a new generation of IP characterization products from Altos Design Automation Inc. Utilizing Altos' novel "inside view" approach, the demo shows how characterization can be sped up significantly yet still yield the same accuracy with better model quality that existing approaches. The demo also highlights the challenges of modeling process variation and how Variety enables the creation of statistical timing libraries in order to reduce design guard bands thereby enabling faster timing closure and lower power consumption.


10/23/2007 - Altos Design Automation
Altos and Extreme DA Create Proven Variation-Aware Statistical Design Flow
9/30/2007 - Altos Design Automation
Altos and Cadence Qualify Statistical Timing Models for 45nm and 65nm Processes
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