Aprio’s DFM technology eliminates bottlenecks caused by run-time and data volume explosion, as exemplified in the sub-100nm technology nodes. With Aprio solutions, foundries and IDMs achieve revolutionary run-time reduction, consistent manufacturing closure, and IC manufacturing re-spin capabilities for their advanced semiconductor processes.
Booth Visit - Aprio's Halo™ suite
In this DAC booth interview, Aprio's CEO explains how Halo™ delivers revolutionary run-time improvements and consistent manufacturing closure. Halo-Sim™ is a full-chip and reconfigurable lithography simulation product, fully integrated with Halo-OPC.
5/1/2006 - Aprio
Aprio Joins ARM Connected Community
9/14/2005 - Aprio
Aprio’s DFM Success Attracts New Technology Advisory Board Members
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