Beach Solutions® is the leading provider of commercial tools to manage addressable registers and auto-generate System-on-Chip (SoC) design integration deliverables.

Used by leading semiconductor vendors in mobile, consumer electronics and communications markets, Beach EASI Tools Suite auto-generates the hardware, firmware, verification models, documentation and debugger configuration files necessary to package IP and integrate platform-SoCs while managing data and deliverables for the hardware and software teams as the design, requirements and specification evolve.
EASI Tools Suite
Categories: ESL/Architectural Design, Design Entry
  The Beach Solutions EASI Tools Suite is a sophisticated set of integrated EDA tools that manage and auto-generate registers and register-related deliverables to accelerate the development of SoC designs.

Category: Front End: ESL/Architectual Design, Design Synthesis
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EASI-Studio is a suite of tools that capture and validate embedded system specifications and automate the creation and reproduction of many of the design files required for successful system development—while seamlessly integrating with existing version control systems.
7/31/2007 - Beach Solutions
Beach Solutions® Auto-generates Firmware for Concurrent SoC Engineering
6/28/2007 - Beach Solutions
Beach Solutions® Ensures Higher Quality IP with Metric Driven Tool
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