Calypto Design Systems is a privately held EDA company focused on bridging electronic system-level design and integrated circuit (IC) implementation. Calypto products reduce IC design verification time and costs and increase flexibility and confidence in design and architectural optimization.
SLEC™: The Industry’s First Sequential Equivalence Checker
Category: Front End - Functional Verification - Formal Tools
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As the industry’s first sequential equivalence checker, SLEC can verify block-level designs with differences in sequential and data abstraction. SLEC provides comprehensive functional verification for designers doing micro-architectural RTL optimization, such as re-timing, pipelining, and resource sharing, and engineering teams deploying system-level design flows including those using behavioral synthesis.
3/26/2007 - Calypto
Calypto Debuts Sequential Power Optimization Solution
3/14/2007 - Calypto
Calypto’s SLEC™ RTL Product Selected by AMD to Verify Advanced Processors
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