Founded in 1996, Celoxica has become recognized as an innovator in system-level EDA and the technology leader for Software-Compiled System Design, a process that accelerates design productivity by using high-level languages to directly drive design verification and implementation. By providing a proven route to hardware design using software techniques, the Celoxica solutions redefine hardware and software partitioning to enable the use of reprogrammable devices in electronics and reconfigurable systems.
Celoxica DK Design Suite
Category: Front End - FV-HW/SW CoDesign/Verification
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Software-Compiled System Design
C-based design and synthesis from ANSI-C algorithms to optimized FPGA gates. The tools simulates cycle-accurate C models, co-simulates with RTL and Matlab, and synthesizes the Handel-C implementation language to RTL models, and gate-level EDIF netlists for FPGA. The tool is used for algorithm acceleration in FPGA, and rapid implementation to FPGA for production or SoC prototyping.
This on-line demo walks through a design example from specification to FPGA implementation showing the Software-Compiled System Design methodology. The demo provides a detailed review of the Celoxica DK Design Suite environment as applied to the development of an image processing system based on a JPEG2000 algorithm.
7/12/2006 - Celoxica
Taiwanese Firm Taps Celoxica ESL Design to Accelerate HDTV Development
6/19/2006 - Celoxica
Celoxica, GiDEL Bring FPGA+DSP Acceleration to Embedded Imaging Applications
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