Ciranova provides open, interoperable tools that dramatically improve a custom chip designer’s productivity in creating new IP and migrating legacy IP. All of Ciranova’s technology has been built from the ground up to support the OpenAccess database.
Interoperable PCell Library Demo on OpenAccess

This is a demonstration of OpenAccess interoperability through a complete custom IC design flow. Five OpenAccess Coalition members demonstrate that an interoperable PCell library supports six tools including schematic capture, layout editing and design rule checkers. Multiple tools edit a single OpenAccess database, changing PyCell parameters and using stretch handles and automatic abutment, and the design is checked in two different DRC tools. Throughout all these operations, connectivity is maintained, and the database is never translated or streamed out. Participating OpenAccess Coalition members include Ciranova, Mentor Graphics, Silicon Canvas, Silicon Navigator and Synopsys.

PyCell Studio™ & PCell Xtreme™
Category: Front End - Analog/RF/Mixed Signals, Back End - Physical Design

While interoperability has progressed rapidly in the digital domain, analog design has lagged, due in part to the lack of an interoperable PCell mechanism. This has made interoperability between multiple vendors' tools difficult.

PyCell Studio helps reduce the time and cost of PCell and layout generator creation for deep submicron processes. PCell Xtreme enables the migration of PCells created in proprietary languages into multi-vendor OpenAccess flows. Together, PyCell Studio and PCell Xtreme provide a complete, interoperable OpenAccess PCell solution.

Download PyCell Studio for free at www.ciranova.com.

(This video is available to all Demos on Demand members, including vendors.)

6/29/2007 - Ciranova
Ciranova Releases Pycell Studio On Microsoft Windows
1/22/2007 - Ciranova
Ciranova Releases Pycell Studio Version 4.0
1/11/2007 - Ciranova
Ciranova’s Pcell Xtreme Named Hot 100 Product Of 2006 By EDN Magazine
12/4/2006 - Ciranova
Ciranova And Mentor Graphics Demonstrate Interoperability Benefits of Openaccess-Based Pcell Solutions
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