CoFluent Design provides CoFluent Studio™, an integrated architecture exploration and performance analysis toolset based on SystemC that enables the creation of performance - optimized
hardware / software partitioning and system communication topology.

From partial hardware and software descriptions only (no cycle-accurate virtual platform, no hardware IPs, no embedded software code, no ISS needed), CoFluent Studio is a unique solution for:
  • Optimizing global performance of designs: buffer size, resource load, memory footprint, power consumption, cost
  • Analyzing the impact of architecture modifications and updates to existing designs
  • Validating existing architectures against new applications / features
CoFluent Studio™
Category: Front End - ESL/Architectural Design, Behavioral Simulation
  CoFluent Studio™ is a visual Electronic System-Level (ESL) architectural development solution that enables performance analysis of complex hardware/software systems through a unique mapping technology. From simple graphics and C code, users create timed-behavioral application models that are devoid of implementation detail. Then, platform modeling is done independently by graphically assembling generic performance models of hardware components. Finally, following a Y design flow, application and platform models are merged through a simple drag-and-drop mapping operation to obtain an architectural model of the complete hardware / software system. CoFluent Studio automatically generates SystemC code from the graphical timed-behavioral or architectural descriptions.
5/21/2007 - Cofluent Design
CoFluent Design announces new version 2.1 of CoFluent Studio in preview at DAC
4/23/2007 - Cofluent Design
CoFluent Studio selected for the CIM-PACA collaborative microelectronics platform
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