Eagleware-Elanix Corporation offers system and circuit design software for developers of communication products. Engineers worldwide rely on our tools for the design of cellular phones, radar systems, cable TV systems, satellite communications systems, mobile base-station equipment, RFID devices, and wireless networking products.
SystemView by Elanix
Category: Front End Behavioral Simulation, Analog/RF/MS, ESL/Architectural Design, Design Planning – Design Analysis
  SystemView by Elanix is used to design, model and simulate a complete BER analysis of a QPSK system with encoded pulse shaped signals — and to evaluate system performance by tuning components (such as filters and RF amplifiers) to fit design specifications.
10/3/2005 - Eagleware–Elanix
Agilent Technologies announces plans for recently acquired Eagleware-Elanix EDA product line
3/30/2005 - Eagleware–Elanix
Eagleware-Elanix Announces Consolidated Distributor Line-up for Asia Markets
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