Golden Gate Technology’s mission is to be the gold standard in power reduction products for IC designers who are facing daunting power system design and power consumption issues. Golden Gate Tech's solutions, Power Optimize Gold™ and Power Plan Gold™, enhance existing design flows from major EDA vendors to optimize and minimize both leakage and switching power while simultaneously meeting constraints for timing, signal integrity, electromigration, and design for manufacturability.
Power Plan Gold™ and Power Optimize Gold™
Category: Front End EDA - Timing & Power Analysis, Back End EDA - Physical Design
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Power Plan Gold™ and Power Optimize Gold™
Power Plan Gold (PPG) efficiently creates complex power grids with unique Parametric Templates™ technology, PPG natively supports multiple supplies, analyzes the power grid for IR drop and EM violations and automatically repairs the grid. Power Optimize Gold automatically reduces power consumption by 15 – 20% or more using a proprietary WiresFirst™ algorithm while maintaining timing, SI, and EM constraints.
5/18/2006 - Golden Gate Technology
Golden Gate Technology Announces Nanometer IC Power Reduction Software: Power Plan Gold & PowerGold
8/11/2005 - Golden Gate Technology
William Ruby Appointed Vice President Marketing of EDA Power Reduction Company Golden Gate Technology
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