Incentia Design Systems, Inc. provides leading technology and software for advanced timing and synthesis solutions that address the ever-growing stringent requirements of runtime, design capacity, and performance for multi-million-gate SoC nanometer designs. Incentia's products have been used at many customer sites and successfully taped out numerous customer chips in various design applications, such as communications, networking, wireless, chip-set, and consumer electronics.
TimeBench Environment
Category: Front End - Timing and Power Analysis, Back End - Post Layout Checks
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TimeBench Environment
TimeCraft is the fastest gate-level full-chip static timing analyzer in market today. It contains industry leading features for nanometer designs, including location-based on-chip-variation, parallel multi-mode multi-corner timing analysis, and signal integrity analysis for crosstalk and noise.
8/24/2005 - Incentia
Incentia’s TimeCraft Adopted by NEC Electronics as Signoff Static Timing Analyzer for 90-Nanometer Designs
8/9/2005 - Incentia
Incentia DesignCraft and TimeCraft Adopted By ITE as Its Synthesis and Timing Tapeout Software
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