Inovys offers a unique family of structural testers that enhance productivity and speed time-to-market for fabless design teams and production operations. The Personal Ocelot for the engineering and production development space and the Ocelot for volume manufacturing are each suitable for specific needs but together bring competitive advantage over disparate and disintegrated test infrastructure.
Personal Ocelot  
Category: Manufacturing-IC Test
  Personal Ocelot allows engineering teams to validate vectors, bring up and characterize first silicon, and to conduct AC-Scan based Path and Transition Delay testing and capture memory and collect millions of bits of fail data logs for debug and diagnosis of elusive problems. Modern BIST and SCAN design methodologies are supported in hardware and software. Test programs developed on the Personal Ocelot may be directly applied to the Ocelot production platform without changes -- even in a Multi-Site configuration.
6/21/2005 - Inovys
Inovys Introduces Ocelot ZFP, An Industry Breakthrough in Semiconductor Production Test
2/18/2004 - Inovys
Inovys Secures $16.3 Million in Financing
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