The mission of Interra Systems is to assist designers in all areas of system design to ensure the rapid creation of new solutions. As technologies migrate to newer sub-micron densities and market demands faster and more robust solutions, the need for automated electronic design tools become even greater.

Interra Systems offers products and services to the following markets: Memory and SoC Design and Verification, Digital Video Applications, Embedded/DSP Platforms, and EDA Tool Companies and In-house EDA Tool Development

Memory and SoC Designers are amazed at the flexibility, uniqueness and number of ways the tools can be used. The solutions increase the designers ability to automate the design process for standard and embedded memories. It is used as a platform for seamless migration to new semiconductor manufacturing processes. The platform is also being used for design and distribution of memories and ensuring the reuse of a base design over many generations of processes. Numerous users have also taken advantage of the platform to scale their memory designs to higher densities.
Interra Memory Development System
Category: Intellectual Property-Development Tools
  This in-depth demo shows how MC2 automates the design process for standard and embedded memories while also providing a platform for migration to new processes. MC2 enhances the overall methodology for the design and distribution of memories to ensure the reuse of a base design over many generations of sub-micron processes.
8/15/2005 - Interra Systems
Solutions from Interra Systems Accelerate Carbon’s Product Development
5/24/2005 - Interra Systems
Interra Systems Facilitates Successful Deployment of Focus
9/14/2004 - Interra Systems
Interra Introduces H264 Analyzer – A Comprehensive Analysis Tool
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