Magma provides tools that enable chip designers to meet critical time-to-market objectives, improve chip performance and handle multimillion-gate designs. With headquarters in Silicon Valley and a global network of sales & support personnel, Magma customers include leading semiconductor companies around the world.
  Cooley does Rajeev on his new Titan
In this interview, Rajeev announces "Titan", his new Virtuoso-killer, along with discussing Pcells, Ciranova, PDKs, Analog Artist, Talus, Mojave, QuickCap, Quartz-TLX, OA, MatLab, process migration, Sagantec, "AnalogWare", Cosmos, Pulsic, fabs, 65 nm, 45 nm, the Synopsys-Magma lawsuit, Jay Vleeschhouwer, bean counters, Cadence, and Mentor Calibre.

2/27/2008 - Magma
Magma Introduces Titan – First Platform to Combine Full-Chip, Mixed-Signal, Analysis and Verification for IC Design
2/27/2008 - Magma
Magma Acquires Sabio Labs, Enhances Titan Mixed-Signal Design Platform
2/27/2008 - Magma
Magma Titan Platform Supports IPL Standards and Ciranova PyCell Libraries for Next-Generation Analog/Mixed-Signal Design
2/27/2008 - Magma
Magma Launches QuickCap TLx, a new Interconnect and Transistor Extractor

White Paper: The Titan Unified, Automated, Full-Chip Mixed-Signal Design Solution
Mixed-signal chip finishing is often performed by hand, and it includes a number of tasks that occur right before the chip tapeout. Because of the lack of automation, chip-finishing activities and actions often fail to be reflected back into the main design, which can lead to major issues for their reusability in future generations of the design. Magma has responded by introducing a truly unified, automated, full-chip mixed-signal design, analysis, and verification solution called Titan. The unprecedented level of integration and automation provided by Titan enables significant jumps in productivity in the areas of chip finishing, analog/custom digital design implementation and full-chip circuit simulation. For more information, download the white paper.

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