Manhattan Routing is a privately held Silicon Alley based EDA company founded in February 1997. We provide a tool suite targeting the "Timing Closure" phase of the IC design flow through products that provide physical vizualisation capabilties to the front-end design teams, and a suite of physically aware timing report analysis functions together with associated fixing capabilties.
Timing Closure with Physical Window and Optimization Cockpit
Category: Back End-Physical Design, Back End-Physical Synthesis
  Physical Window™/Optimization Cockpit™ (PW/OC) is a timing closure tool package that allow effective and timely closure of the last 100 violating paths of large high performance ASICs. Through the concept of a "timing sensitized layout" the tool suite enables analysis of the timing problems within the physical context. This functionality ranges from visualization of the timing paths in the physical domain to classification of timing problems based on the domain (logical or physical) of origin.
6/1/2005 - Manhattan Routing
Manhattan Routing Brings Hierarchical Timing Closure to Chip Design
3/23/2004 - Manhattan Routing
Manhattan Routing Reduces Tapeout Schedule of 0.18-micron Image Processing DSP Chip at Fabless Semiconductor Company ChipWrights
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