Mirabilis Design provides the Industry’s first fully-integrated, abstract-to-detail modeling and simulation application solution for electronics and embedded software. Architects can create a visual executable prototype of the proposed product and conduct ad hoc "what-if’s" to resolve feasibility issues and optimize for cost, performance and power. The software integrates model-based and language-based modeling with a native, multi-domain simulation kernel. The application independent nature of the VisualSim libraries makes it applicable for wireless, defense, networking, aerospace, automotive, high-performance computing and semiconductors. VisualSim publishes an Applet of the simulation model for including in specifications and executing within common Web Browsers.
VISUALSIM™ - System-level Performance Analysis & Architecture Design
Category: Front End - ESL/Architectural Design, Behavioral Simulation, FV-HW/SW CoDesign / Verification; Embedded Systems
  VisualSim™ Architect is used for conceptual exploration, performance analysis and architecture design of electronics and embedded systems. The pre-defined, parameterized library blocks and multi-domain simulation kernel enables engineers to design the digital, IC, embedded software, image processing, analog, DSP and control systems. The advantages of using VisualSim Architect are to create large models quickly, execute faster system simulations and standardize communications through visual specifications.

VisualSim Architect provides a modeling and simulation approach to identify the best IP or component and implementation decision for a proposed functionality. The advantage of VisualSim is to conduct these experiments at a higher level of abstraction, faster model construction and accelerate results generation. VisualSim Architect aids HW/SW co-design, mapping of behavior to architecture, partitioning functions and to determine optimal resource sharing.
10/25/2006 - Mirabilis
Applied Micro Circuit Corporation selects Mirabilis Design’s VisualSim for architecture
4/17/2006 - Mirabilis
Mirabilis Design announces Power Modeling Toolkit: First pre-implementation power based architecture exploration
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