Novas Software brings a very straightforward, but critical, value proposition to designers of complex chips: we dramatically reduce the time it takes to understand complex or unfamiliar designs, so you can design better and debug faster.

Novas focuses on providing tools and methodologies you need to better understand how designs work and why they don’t. Our technology and tools give you access to design and verification knowledge, and the ability to quickly convert it to a deeper and more relevant understanding of design behavior. This insight is invaluable in an age of large design teams and design reuse which render much of a chip design unfamiliar to individual engineers.
Debug System for Functional & System-Level Design & Physical Analysis
Category: Front End - FV-Debug Tools
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This demo shows how Novas cuts debug time in half throughout the entire design process from systems to RTL/Gate to silicon. Starting with the Novas Verdi™ Debug System, you’ll learn how to quickly understand your design's behavior, automate the most time consuming aspects of debug, and unify the environment including testbench analysis. You'll also see how our nESL product debugs system-level designs for embedded processor platforms and how nAnalyzer allows debug and analysis of physical designs.
7/19/2006 - Novas
Ansoft Joins Novas Harmony Partner Program
7/10/2006 - Novas
Novas Makes Transaction-Based Analysis More Accessible to HDL Users
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