Obsidian's flagship verification product, used by the world's most advanced processor verification teams to test their cores, is the Random Architecture Verification Engine (RAVEN). RAVEN is used for functional verification of complex processors.
Obsidian RAVEN
Category: Front End - FV-HW/SW CoDesign/Verification
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This demo provides an intimate view of our Random Architecture Verification Engine (RAVEN). The demo shows how RAVEN does far more than simply verify the instruction set architecture. Its advanced controls and deep knowledge allows processor validation of multithreading, multiprocessing, parallel instructions, processor synchronization, cache coherency, and more.
3/8/2004 - Obsidian
Obsidian Software Announces RAVEN for ARM Cores
1/14/2004 - Obsidian
Obsidian Software Reports 2003 Year End Results
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