Opencores' main objective is to design and publish core designs under a license for hardware modelled on the Lesser General Public License (LGPL) for software. They are committed to the ideal of freely available, freely usable and re-usable open source hardware.

They have set the following objectives as the means of reaching their main objective:

  •  Develop standards for open source cores and platforms
  •  Create tools and methods for development of open source cores and platforms
  •  Develop open source cores and platforms Provide documentation for these cores and platforms
  •  These tools and methods should allow teams to develop hardware in an open way.
    OPENCORES Open RISC demo
    Category: Intellectual Property-Libraries
      The Open RISC embedded processor platform shows both the features and full development platform available from OpenCores. The open source, Open RISC 1200 processor is highlighted along with the complete GNU development tool chain including a running applications and booting Linux.
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