Founded in 1995, Optimal is a leading provider of high signal integrity electronic design automation software. The company's breakthrough technology and engineering expertise have helped leading chip and system companies solve challenging high-speed design problems and bring industry-leading products to market.

Optimal provides customers with a complete signal integrity design flow from IC to package to PCB. The core technology includes superior numerical techniques, efficient CAD database manipulation and unique signal integrity solution. The products are designed for both junior and senior engineers working on interconnect extraction, IR drop, crosstalk, and ground bounce analysis.
Using PakSi-TM’s Direct CAD Interface (DCI) Capabilities
Category: Manufacturing-Packaging
  PakSi-TM’s Direct CAD Interface (DCI) Capabilities is an expert system to predict solder joint fatigue life of IC packages. PakSi-SJF is a full featured package modeling tool, with user- friendly GUI that helps users easily set up complex thermal cycling information and creep strain rate properties, to predict solder joint life automatically. PakSi-SJF makes solder joint reliability analysis easy for all the designers.
Category: Manufacturing-Packaging
  PakSi-TM will help in the most detailed thermal/mechanical modeling of the most advanced packages within minutes. It can cut your package modeling and analysis time significantly. Using the Optimal Corp's proprietary solver algorithm, PakSi-TM is an extremely efficient tool. You can start using this tool within an hour, without any formal training.
Signal Integrity Design Assistants    
Category: Back End-Post Layout Checks
  SIDEA™ (Signal Integrity Design Assistants) is a complete suite of signal integrity design assistants for parasitic extraction and S-parameter conversion, manipulation and modeling. SIDEA was developed to put most-often used signal integrity design tools in one place so engineers need not mix and match software from various sources.
8/11/2004 - Optimal
Optimal and AWR to Offer First 3D Full-Wave Electromagnetic Extraction Capability for Microwave and RFIC Designs
6/7/2004 - Optimal
Optimal Products Selected by TSMC for Integrated Chip-to-Package Co-Design in TSMC Reference Flow 5.0
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