Platform Computing is the largest independent grid software developer, delivering intelligent, practical enterprise grid software and services that allow organizations to plan, build, run and manage grids by optimizing IT resources. Through our proven process and methodology, we link IT to core business objectives, and help customers such as AMD, Bristol-Myers Squibb, JPMorgan Chase, Peugeot and the U.S. Department of Defense, improve service levels, reduce costs and improve business performance. With industry-leading partnerships and a strong commitment to standards, we are at the forefront of grid software development, propelling over 1,600 clients toward powerful insights that create real, tangible business value.

Recognized worldwide for our grid computing expertise, Platform has the industry's most comprehensive 'desktop to supercomputer' grid software solutions. For more than a decade, the world's largest and most innovative companies in computer manufacturing, financial services, government, life sciences, and industrial manufacturing have trusted Platform Computing's unique blend of technology and people to plan, build, run and manage grids.
Cadence Server Farm Initiatives    
  Tom Grotton, Cadence
Tom reviews Cadence's Server Farm Initiative (SFI) a company-wide initiative to maximize ROI for the thousands of computer systems deployed throughout the enterprise. SFI uses gridMatrix Technology and Distributed Resource Management software (LSF) to minimize and optimize job runs in a compute farm. Tom explains how SFI reduces operating and capital costs for both IT and R&D at Cadence.
Global License Management
  Kelly Overgaard, Adaptec
This talk focuses on the deployment of Global License Broker (GLB) and how Adaptec benefits by sharing licenses across all engineering groups and sites. Kelly explains how license sharing increases the company's license utilization, decreases the need to purchase more licenses and allows engineers to complete projects faster.
Understanding Your Cluster, Understanding Your Project
  Ibrahim "Hoomi" Chadirchi, ARM
Hoomi Chadirchi provides a case study profiling the deployment of Platform Intelligence, detailing ARM's plan to use information gathered from their clusters as well as the methods they will employ to gather that information.
Software Support for High-throughput Proteomics
  Alan James, Myriad Proteomics
Alan's discussion provides an in-depth review of high-throughput interaction proteomics workflows, LIMS and data collection, analysis pipelines, and automation of analysis pipelines.
Architectural and Solution Process Overview of Platform Intelligence (PI)
  David Antila, Platform Computing
The IC marketplace is under pressure to deliver increased capabilities in shorter timeframes under tighter budgets. David explains how the Platform Intelligence suite aids planning, process continuity, IT consolidation, and ROI objectives. Tying together the presentions by the speakers, David provides a roadmap that dramatically increases the odds of meeting your business goals—while reducing license costs.
6/9/2006 - Platform
Platform Announces Seamless Integration with Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003
8/9/2005 - Platform
Platform Computing Partners with Cognos to Bring Grid Technology to Business Intelligence Applications
11/22/2004 - Platform
German Private Investment Bank Selects Platform Computing to Accelerate Equity Derivatives Trading
11/8/2004 - Platform
Platform Computing Launches Platform Rocks for Linux Cluster Mar
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