Silicon Canvas addresses the immediate needs of today's analog, mixed signals, large complex IC, ASIC, and SoC designs. Silicon Canvas' custom layout solution, Laker, provides more automation and high performance capabilities to any design projects, which requires the use of full custom layout editors, including but not limited to the layout creation for analog, mixed signal, and test key designs. It is also a perfect flow plug-in tool for complex ASIC, SoC designs to efficiently fix the timing closure issues, assemble top level blocks including the top cell signal routing and power routing or any special routing.
Laker L Series
Category: Back End - Physical Design
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LAKER is a high productivity next generation custom layout tool. It contains the full-fledged traditional polygon editing features to provide the greatest flexibility and controllability, yet it offers many intelligent guidance and automation to make the layout creation, editing tasks much more efficient and productive. With LAKER, users are able to complete the layout designs and achieve the desired layout density and performance 2 to 6 times faster than using other layout editors.
11/30/2005 - Silicon Canvas
Silicon Canvas Offers a Complete Analog Design Platform with the Release of Laker ADP
8/5/2005 - Silicon Canvas
Silicon Canvas Launches Laker PnR Editor
6/3/2005 - Silicon Canvas
Silicon Canvas Announces DAC Demos
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