Silicon Dimensions is developing tools that will streamline the integrated circuit (IC) design closure process—allowing logic design engineers to more efficiently and cost-effectively plan the design of large ICs. These tools will address problems which result in design schedule slips, design closure issues, increased development costs and general frustration in the IC design closure process. The technology you can rely on for today's 180 nm and below high density technologies—developed by designer engineers for design engineers.
Category: Front End - Design Planning-Floor Planning, Design Planning-Design Analysis
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The Chip2Nite platform gives logic designers the necessary tools and methodologies to perform early design planning and analysis before hand-off to the physical design team. The platform is available in various suites targeted at identifying and solving design closure issues. By providing logic designers with access to vital information they never readily had, critical design errors can be identified and resolved quickly eliminating costly iterations from logic to physical design.
6/29/2005 - Silicon Dimensions
Transwitch Incorporates Silicon Dimensions’ Chip2Nite Into Design Flow For Early Closure
6/22/2005 - Silicon Dimensions
Terarecon Endorses Silicon Dimensions’ Chip2Nite For Next Generation Graphic Imaging Technology
6/1/2005 - Silicon Dimensions
Silicon Dimensions Adds New Levels of Power Analysis, Modeling and Prediction to Chip2Nite
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