Summit Design is the electronic design automation (EDA) company that pioneered high-level design automation (HLDA) and leads the field of electronic system-level design (ESL). The company develops, markets, and supports mission critical engineering software products for the design, creation, analysis, verification, and management of complex electronic systems and semiconductor intellectual property (IP).

Summit Design has always specialized in state-of-the-art solutions, introducing award winning products to a well established and growing customer base. The world's top electronics companies use Summit Design products to dramatically increase engineering productivity, shorten time-to-market, and improve product quality.
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System Architect™, Vista™, Visual Elite™
Summit Visual ESL & Embedded System Co-design Demo
Category: Front End - FV-HW/SW CoDesign/Verification
  This in-depth demo shows how Visual Elite ESC provides a complete HW/SW verification environment utilizing SystemC, with an integrated ISS that's linked with vendor-specific tools. You'll see how Visual Elite ESC interfaces with ISS at a signal-level or transaction-level for higher performance—while providing fully synchronized, HW and SW debugging and visibility.
System Architect Demo
Category: Front End - ESL/Architectural Design
  System Architect offers powerful, on-demand, architecture analysis tools. It provides a set of generic parametrizable and application-specific high-level models, a set of SystemC-compliant C/C++API functions and advanced graphical and text analysis tools. The variety of tools allows utilizing this technology at the architecture exploration phase as well as during lower level functional simulations.
9/26/2006 - Summit
Summit Design Licenses IBM PowerPC Models For Its SystemC IP Initiative To Enable Easier IP Selection, Integration and Interoperability
10/3/2005 - Summit
Summit Design Solidifies Leadership In Architecture Exploration And Analysis With Exclusive Licensing of CARDtools Systems Technology
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