In October 2003, after ten years of EDA experience, TransEDA joined with TNI-Valiosys, a formal verification and validation solutions provider, to provide customers with a ready-to-use, structured verification environment that can be deployed quickly as part of a best-in-class verification methodology.
VN-Cover Coverability Analysis Option
Category: Front End - FV-Formal Tools
  Coverability Analysis, an option to TransEDA's VN-Cover coverage analysis tool, guides designers on the shortest path to full coverage, filtering out unreachable design parts while enabling users to check if the uncovered branches are reachable or not. Coverability Analysis is fully integrated into VN-Cover, running automatically either on all remaining uncovered branches or on specific ones selected by the user via the GUI.
imPROVE-HPK Hardware Protocol Verification
Category: Front End - FV-Design Analysis
  imPROVE-HPK is a formal verification tool dedicated to the verification of hardware designs based on standard protocol interfaces (OCP, Amba AHB, etc). imPROVE-HPK is fully automatic and very easy to set-up and use in any design and verification environment. The tool automatically creates a complete protocol environment for the design, and then subsequently checks each of the protocol properties (including functional performance analysis properties) and coverage scenarios.
10/26/2005 - TransEDA
Assertain™ success boosts investors’ interest in TransEDA Assertion-Based Verification strategy
6/1/2005 - TransEDA
Sonics and TransEDA Collaborate to Advance OCP-Based Tool Flows
5/30/2005 - TransEDA
TransEDA announces Assertain™, the first independent Verification Closure Management tool
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