ViASIC offers ViaMask(tm), a single via-mask structured ASIC fabric and ViaPath(tm), a physical design software package. ViaMask uses a single minimum pitch via layer to simultaneously configure both logic and memory and has the lowest NRE of any structured ASIC fabric. ViaPath gives the flexibility of controlling design work without the complexity of standard cell ASIC flows. Using ViaMask and ViaPath reduces time to market, design closure challenges and implementation costs for derivative designs.
Empowering SOC Reuse with ViaMask and ViaPath
Category: Back End - Physical Design, Chip Vendors - Structured ASIC, Intellectual Property - Libraries
  This demo provides a detailed tour of ViaMask™, an embeddable one-mask structured ASIC fabric that in conjunction with ViaPath, an easy to use physical implementation software package, empowers you to reuse your valuable IP to serve multiple derivative applications.
6/27/2005 - ViASIC
ViASIC Announces 12th Tape-out for ViaMask Standard-Metal Library
11/8/2004 - ViASIC
ViASIC Announces New 0.13 TSMC Library
2/4/2004 - ViASIC
Triad Semiconductor Selects ViASIC Software to Develop Sensor System Component
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