Xilinx leads one of the fastest growing segments of the semiconductor industry—programmable logic devices. Xilinx develops, manufactures, and markets a broad line of advanced integrated circuits, software design tools and intellectual property. Customers use the automated tools and intellectual property—predefined system-level functions delivered as software cores—from Xilinx and its partners to program the chips to perform custom logic operations.
System Interfaces Design Tools Embedded Design Solutions Digital Signal Processing CPLD
  Spartan-3A Starter Kit
Category: FPGA Tools, Chip Vendors - Programmable
This presentation shows key examples of how the Spartan-3A Starter Kit delivers instant access to the powerful Spartan-3A FPGA device features of suspend power-saving mode, high-speed I/O options, DDR2 SDRAM memory interface, commodity flash configuration support, and FPGA/IP protection using Device DNA. The Spartan™-3A FPGA Starter Kit is a RoHS compliant, complete development solution which gives designers instant access to the capabilities of the Spartan-3A family. The kit includes Spartan-3A starter kit board, power supply with universal adaptors, programming cable, quick-start guide, evaluation software, collateral and more.
  System Performance Demo using Spartan-3 PCIe Starter Kit
Category: FPGA Tools, Chip Vendors - Programmable
This performance demo, based on the Spartan-3 FPGA PCIe Starter Kit, shows system throughput of the PCI Express link in a 1-lane configuration. The Starter kit is plugged into a 1-lane PCIe slot in a commonly available desktop. The demonstration package includes a hardware design, a PCIe bus-mastering DMA validation function reference design, implemented as a user design behind the Xilinx PCIe IP LogiCORE that initiates the traffic between the add-in card and the system main memory. Software control is provided by a GUI, which controls the device driver and the application to run this demonstration.
  Spartan-3 PCI Express Starter Kit
Category: FPGA Tools, Chip Vendors - Programmable
This compelling demonstration includes two functional design demos using the Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA and the PCI Express Core, an in-depth view of the board architecture, and an overview of the kit features and capabilities. The Spartan™-3 PCI Express Starter Kit is a complete development board solution giving designers instant access to the capabilities of the Spartan-3 family and the Xilinx PCI Express Core. The complete kit includes board, evaluation software and a resource CD with application notes, white papers, data sheets.
  Practical Guide to Serial I/O Designs
Category: FPGA Tools, Chip Vendors - Programmable
In this presentation, Xilinx & Mentor Graphics will walk you through a serial interface design. We'll discuss the key challenges of this technology along with the practical techniques and solutions you can use to design successfully with SERDES interfaces. Included are best practices, such as advanced equalization and other jitter-mitigation techniques, for building high-performance designs.
NOTE: special demo hardware requirements:
1280 x 1024 Minimum screen resolution; 1.0 Ghz processor; recommended 256 MB RAM
  Virtex-4 Source Synchronous Interfaces Demo
Category: FPGA Tools, Chip Vendors - Programmable
This module demonstrates the 700Mb/s SFI-4 interface and the 1 Gb/s SPI-4.2 interface designs using the ease-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the ML450 hardware platform. Also include in this module is an overview of the current Source Synchronous I/O (SSIO) design challenges, and how the high-performance Virtex-4 FPGA solves those challenges with the new ChipSync technology, embedded in every I/O block.
Memory Interfaces
  Memory Interfaces Solutions with Xilinx FPGA
Category: FPGA Tools, Chip Vendors - Programmable
This demo overviews memory interfaces solutions from low cost implementations using Spartan 3A FPGAs to high performance solutions with Virtex-5 FPGAs. A design example with complete RTL and UCF files is generated using the Memory Interface Generator (MIG) software for the DDR2 SDRAM interface. Additionally, hardware system verification and a demonstration are performed using the ChipScopePro in circuit analyzer for a 667 DDR2 SDRAM DIMM interface with the Virtex-5 FPGA.
  Virtex-4 Memory Interface Solutions
Category: FPGA Tools, Chip Vendors - Programmable
This demo tours the 533 Mbps DDR2 SDRAM memory interface design using the Memory Interface Generator, a hardware system verification for the 300 MHz QDR II SRAM interface design using the ChipScope Pro in circuit analyzer and the Xilinx Advanced Memory Development System.
  Virtex-II Pro™ Memory Interface Solutions
Category: FPGA Tools, Chip Vendors - Programmable
This comprehensive demo takes you through the system verification of the DDR SDRAM design using the ChipScope Pro in circuit analyzer and the Xilinx evaluation board for 200 MHZ (400 Mbps) DDR SDRAM. Included is also an overview of the 200 MHz (400 Mbps) DDR SDRAM and 200 MHz (800 Mbps) QDR II SRAM hardware solutions using the Virtex-II Pro FPGA device.

  Virtex™ 5 Power Estimation and Measurement Demonstration
Category: FPGA Tools, Chip Vendors - Programmable
XPE is a free, downloadable tool that enables engineers to quickly calculate power consumption projections based on their design’s parameters. It is available from the Power Central page on the Xilinx web site at www.xilinx.com/power

In this demonstration, we look at the steps required to create an accurate power estimate for Virtex-5 devices using the XPower Estimator (XPE) tool. We then demonstrate the low power consumption characteristics of Virtex-5 devices by taking actual measurements on an ML550 board, the preferred platform for making detailed power measurements. Finally, we compare our XPE results to the silicon measurements to determine the accuracy of our initial estimate. And we give you the tips and techniques you need to accurately estimate power for your own design.
Xilinx Integrated System Environment (ISE)
  ISE Design Tools
Category: FPGA Tools, Chip Vendors - Programmable
View the new ISE logic design tools suite in action! You will see "What's New in ISE", including design flow and tools demos which show the power and performance of these robust tools. Additionally, you will see a demonstration of the new Xilinx SmartCompile Technology. SmartCompile is an industry-unique combination of capabilities to solve designers' number one design challenge - timing closure. ISE integrates everything into a complete logic design environment for all leading Xilinx FPGA and CPLD products, including the Virtex™-5 multi-platform FPGAs. Easy-to-use, built-in tools and wizards make I/O assignment, power analysis, timing-driven design closure, and HDL simulation quick and intuitive. See it now!
PlanAhead Design and Analysis Tool
  Improving Design Performance with PlanAhead 8.1
Category: FPGA Tools, Chip Vendors - Programmable
This brief presentation offers an overview of the PlanAhead Design Analysis Tool, highlighting new features available with the PlanAhead 8.1 release. This video product demonstration includes an explanation of the new ExploreAhead technology and how it can help you get maximum performance from your design. The overall goal of this product demonstration is to provide you with an understanding of how PlanAhead can help you achieve optimal quality of results from your design while reducing your overall design time. This presentation also explains how viewers can download a free 30-day evaluation of PlanAhead.
ChipScope Pro - Debug and Verification Tool
  ChipScope Pro-Debug & Verification of a Virtex Design
Category: FPGA Tools, Chip Vendors - Programmable
View this demo to see how ChipScope Pro tools can be used to shorten the debug and verification phase of a Xilinx FPGA design. This demonstration will use ChipScope ILA and VIO cores to gain on-chip visibly into a Xilinx Virtex FPGA design. See advanced capabilities and features that allow the user to optimize on-chip resources. More integrated IP, high performance, and advanced interfaces result in a more challenging debug and verification process. See how Xilinx's ChipScope Pro tools slash debug and verification times, shortening the overall FPGA design time.
  ChipScope PRO
Category: FPGA Tools, Chip Vendors - Programmable
ChipScope Pro, the real-time debug and verification tool for Xilinx FPGAs, enables on-chip debug at or near operating system speed. The size, speed, and board requirements of today's FPGAs make it nearly impossible to debug designs using traditional logic analysis methods. Flip-chip and ball grid array packaging do not have exposed leads that can be physically probed. Xilinx has the solution: ChipScope Pro.

  Build a MicroBlaze Custom Embedded Processing System in Just Minutes
Category: FPGA Tools, Embedded Systems,
Chip Vendors - Programmable
Xilinx Embedded Processing Solutions combine the power of programmable platforms, flexible processing cores, IP and intelligent tools. This demonstration clearly presents how to use the award winning Platform Studio tool suite to customize a MicroBlaze soft processing solution, including peripheral selection and co-processing acceleration. The automated Base System Builder design wizard and intuitive tools allow you to build a real FPGA processing system in a very short period of time.

  Accelerating FPGA Designs with AccelDSP™ and System Generator for DSP™
Category: Front End: ESL / Architectural Design, Design Entry, Design Synthesis, FPGA Tools,
This 30 minute video demonstration gives an overview of the DSP design tools offered by Xilinx. We begin in AccelDSP™ with a floating-point MATLAB algorithm, and generate a VHDL or Verilog model along with a test bench. Key steps reviewed are floating-to fixed-point conversion and design exploration which, through automation, result in an overall reduction in design cycle time. Also covered is System Generator for DSP™ which is based on Simulink. It contains a toolbox of about 100 IP blocks that can be used to build a system and then take that system through implementation into an FPGA. The video includes a demonstration of a 16 QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) algorithm showing how part of the design can be done in AccelDSP and how that block can be incorporated in a larger System Generator design.
  Harnessing the power of the Virtex-4 Xtreme DSP Slice
Category: FPGA Tools, Chip Vendors - Programmable
In this engaging demonstration, DSP applications engineer Niall Battson, explains how to "Harness the power of the Virtex-4 Xtreme DSP Slice" to enable you to achieve 500MHz filter performance, significantly lower power consumption and efficiently implement your DSP designs.
  System Generator for DSP
Category: FPGA Tools, Chip Vendors - Programmable
System Generator for DSP—our high-level modeling environment for DSP data paths—yields performance and efficiency comparable to hand-crafted designs. Because of its tight integration with the Simulink® and MATLAB® tools from The Mathworks, FPGA designs are implemented in a familiar setting without concern for the underlying hardware details.
  Algorithm to Hardware in 60 minutes
Category: FPGA Tools, Chip Vendors - Programmable
Here are some tips on how to implement signal processing functions onto FPGAs. Moving signals to baseband, filtering tricks, decimating and DFT implementation are all covered in this dynamic whiteboard session.
  FPGAs for Signal Processing
Category: FPGA Tools, Chip Vendors - Programmable
This Demo shows you how an FPGA device can be used for signal processing and provides an overview of the Xilinx DSP solution including the IP cores that are available as algorithms and DSP software.
  Designing QAM Demodulators
Category: FPGA Tools, Chip Vendors - Programmable
This compelling Demo shows the implementation of a QAM receiver including both synchronization and adaptive channel equalization.


  CoolRunner-II CPLD Starter Kit
Category: FPGA Tools, Chip Vendors - Programmable
This exciting new demonstration shows off the features of this newly released kit as the ideal platform for evaluating and implementing your CPLD designs. It allows for easy connection to a variety of peripheral modules through eight independent edge connectors and includes over twenty application modules which are currently available, including design applications, such as motor control, keypad scanning, ADC interfacing, and GPIO expansion. The starter kit has a USB interface for development and programming that allows easy access from any laptop. A temperature and power monitor is built-in for development of low power applications. Xilinx also provides free reference designs to make it easy to demonstrate control over multiple peripheral devices.
1/28/2008 - Xilinx
Xilinx Launches New XtremeDSP Development Tools Package and XtremeDSP Development Kit
1/21/2008 - Xilinx
Xilinx Adds Three New Devices to Award-Winning 65nm Virtex-5 Family to Give Customers in New Markets More Cost and Density Options
1/14/2008 - Xilinx
Xilinx Announces Production Availability of All Virtex-5 SXT Devices
1/7/2008 - Xilinx
Xilinx Introduces Low-cost, Automotive-qualified XA Spartan-3A and Spartan-3A DSP FPGAs
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