Z Circuit is a design flow methodology company specializing in library integration. Our Z Circuit Library Analyzer lets you evaluate your many choices to make the best library decisions to optimize your design’s performance, area, and power consumption. We provide services to develop and train your team on COT design methodologies that incorporate commercial libraries for pure-play foundries. We have expertise in library models, timing closure and signal integrity issues encountered in deep-submicron and nanometer design.
Z Circuit Library Analyzer
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Z Circuit Library Analyzer
The Z Circuit Library Analyzer is a tool targeted towards library integration engineers to help them with library tracking and analysis. It is the first library analysis system that that gives you a thorough understanding of your choices so that you can make the right decisions.
4/11/2005 - Z Circuit Automation
Z Circuit Automation Debuts High-Throughput Cell Library Characterization System
5/5/2003 - Z Circuit Automation
Startup’s tool analyzes changes in library revs
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