Founded in October 2000, Zenasis Technologies is empowering designers with a unique optimization technology t o achieve higher performance for cell-based designs without deviating from their existing flow and/or technology. The cell-based designs created using this technology are closer to custom designs in timing, power, die-size and even signal integrity.
Category: Back End - Physical Synthesis
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This demo shows how ZenTime eliminates negative slack in cell-based designs and boosts design performance by over 15 percent. You'll also see how ZenTime allows you to close timing in days instead of months while utilizing your existing cell-based flow and high-yield technology.
3/27/2006 - Zenasis
Zenasis Announces New Leakage Power, Timing and Area Optimization
4/4/2005 - Zenasis
Agilent Technologies Uses Zenasis Technologies’ ZenTime to Increase System-on-Chip Performance and Accelerate Time to Silicon
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