Zocalo Tech, Inc. is a privately funded Austin, Texas based software-company, incorporated in 2006, developing productivity tools that can be used directly within the functional verification flows of the major EDA companies.

The Zocalo product set, branded under the name Zazz™, has been architected and developed from the ground up with one goal in mind - to increase productivity for engineers adopting and utilizing Assertion Based Design

The initial release focuses on automating the often tedious and error prone mechanics tasks of utilizing checkers from existing Assertion Libraries (Accellera OVL, Cadence IAL, Mentor QAL and Synopsys SVA_CG). The automation results in the ability to add an assertion to a design in less than a minute, without interrupting the normal design flow.
Zazz from Zocalo Tech
Categories: Functional Verification: Simulation, Formal

Introducing Zazz™, the first productivity tool for assertion library users. Zazz™, enables designers to be key contributors to the Assertion Based Verification process and verification engineers to be more effective. Learn how Zazz™ helps projects achieve major productivity gains for ABV.

Full Demo access is available to all registered Demos on Demand users.

2/16/2009 - Zocalo Tech
Zocalo Tech, Inc. Introduces First EDA Tool Dedicated to Assertion Library Productivity
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